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OmniVarsity is a unique combination of real and virtual learning spaces. It includes brick-and-mortar learning junctions as well as technology-enabled devices and mediums that are used to provide specific kinds of learning experiences.

The Courses

Life-skill Programs

Vocational-skill Programs

Mentor Certification Programs

Academic Skill Programs

The OmniDEL platform will be extended to academic skills such Mathematics, English, Geography, Physics, Chemistry etc in the near future. The KarmYog Gunakul is envisioned to become the R&D lab for design and development making quality education affordable for all.

The Campus

karmyog Green village

Set in the heart of the fastest growing urban metropolis of Newtown, Kolkata, the KarmYog Green Village is an 8 and a half acre Green Learning Campus which nurtures Mahacharya shri sourabh J. sarkars vision to integrate life-skills with livelihood. It is a research and development lab, serving as the epicentre for various possibilities of learning integrating with technology and media are explored to craft unique OmniDELTMmass education programs.

Karmyog Green Village

KarmYog Multimedia Development Lab

Equipped with the state of the art technology and media set up, the KarmYog Multimedia Development Lab is where on ground education is converted into OmniDELTM programs that are scaled to impart mass education. The KarmYog Multimedia Development Lab lies at the core of OmniDELTM Campus, with its vibrant studio, audio room, multimedia editing infrastructure and a specialised team of software developers, animators, creative writers and videographers.

JAAAGO Learning Clubs

25 Traffic Guards across Kolkata have been converted into JAAAGO learning clubs with state of the infrastrure and digital equipements. These learning clubs are currently running OmniDELTM learning programs for drivers conducted by police officials especially trained by KarmYog as OmniDELTM facilitators.

Other Learning Spaces

The impact OmniDELTM learning experience is sealed by its versatility. Any space equipped with a basic infrastructure can be transformed into an OmniDELTM Learning Space. With studios, cafes, living rooms, multiplexes and auditoriums, OmniDELTM learning spaces redefines a unique OmniVarsity classroom.

Pan India Network

With the launch of Indian Idol Academy the KarmYog Campus has spread across 60 cities with a learning junction in each city running OmniDELTM programs for various target audiences.

List of Centres

The Virtual Campus

The System

The Campaign Management system is a unique online ecosystem that engages the learner through exciting apps, interactive games, learning nuggets and assessments through a technology driven platform. It operates through end to end learning management cycle including Mobilising Enrolments Content Delivery Assessment and Lifelong Tracking

The facilitators

Tab Masters

The OmniDELTM platform empowers a mobilisation cadre with media and technology to explore, connect, register and enrol people in their locality for specified campaigns.


The OmniDELTM certified mentors are the vital human link between Subject Matter Experts (on-screen) and Learners (off-screen)