OmniMart is what sustains OmniDELTM and OmniVarsity. It features KarmYog products and services which are created as a result of vocational and life-skills programs offered by OmniVarsity. The revenues made from sale of OmniMart products and services funds OmniDEL TM and OmniVarsity. Thus making it possible to scale quality education affordable for all.

NatureLink Products & Services


  • Buy a Potted Plant
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Packaged Green Products
  • Other Horticulture Products
  • Natural Furniture


  • Rent a Potted Plant
  • Landscaping and Decor
  • Gardener-on Call
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Food & Beverage Services

  • Cafeteria
  • Home Delivery
  • Catering
  • Lunch Box Service
  • Facility Booking


  • Lodging and Hospitality
  • Green Facilities for Hire
  • Retreat Packages

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Concerts & Events

Behtar Life Yogic Concert

A one of its kind yogic concert led by life-skills educationist Mahacharya Shri sourabh J. sarkar and his troupe of OmniDEL TM facilitators. Using the award-winning OmniDELTM methodology the concert engages audiences with their tan, praan, mann , chitt, waking them up to the Art, Science & Ethics of Living. The engaging format takes the audience through a life changing journey which awakens their curiosity, expands their sprit, connects with their heart and regenerates their inner-self, making them experience abundant radiant joy. With participative games, sing-along songs, feet-tapping onscreen and off screen performances along with immersive meditation and chants the behtar life concert is an invitation to discover your sacred connection with life.

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Children's Choir

A group of countries finest singers across cities handpicked and trained by legends of Indian Idol Academy and groomed by Indian Idol Academy Certified Music Mentors. The Choir performs breath-taking musicals at concerts and local events.

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TV Shows


A 40 episode formatted television show based on India’s biggest public service mass education program on civic sense and life-skills. The reality show will showcase an inter-zone talent and back-story competition across 25 traffic guards of Kolkata vying for the honor of the most JAAAGRITO Zone. The real-time competition will involve 2,50,000 students, 1,50,000 drivers, 3000 police officials and 100 aspiring film makers.

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Behtar Life TV Show

A formatted television show on mass celebration of vocational & Life-skills. Vocational talent from across the country is discovered through the behtar life back-story app and exceptional vocational talents from different industries are selected to compete against each other on essential life skills.
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Special Experiences

Omni walk

An audio guided yogic walking experience in the form of an OmniDELTM Activity. OmniDELTM stands for Omni Dimensionally Engaging Learning. There are four components of the OmniWalk experience:

  • The Physical component: This is the walk itself
  • The Energetic component: This involves your diet and breathing
  • The Mental component: This involves your mind and
  • The Spiritual component: This involves your consciousness.

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